Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tonight's Creation.

Abstract 101111

Friday, July 22, 2011

New Works!!!

 Ophidian by Kristin Sharpe

Static Vision Static Vision by Kristin SharpeButton_view_buy

From the original photograph- 

A Very Old Cloud on Cate St.
 A Very Old Cloud on Cate St. by Kristin Sharpe

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Butterfly Deconstructed: A Butterfly Reborn

Started with....
my dog <3
Added the negative image blended on a diagonal...




This is where it gets a little bit complicated.

New Killer Blog Coming Soon!!!

I've been working for days on a new posting that goes even further in depth on how I created some of my previous pieces.  I'm hoping to publish it tomorrow.  I have to admit I've given into the distraction of new works- trying to recreate what I did in the past is inspiring many new creations! :) Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trees Ablaze: A Tree Within a Tree

 Season's Blaze: 'Abstract' with Creepy Tree III
 Season's Blaze: 'Abstract' with Creepy Tree III by Kristin Sharpe


     I created this piece during the same period that I created the bulk of the 'Creepy Tree series'.  But I forgot about it after I hit 'save'.  I came across it last night, and I think it's particularly fitting considering the new season.  The core pieces of this series are the three abstractions.  These three pieces have a very seasonal feeling to me, though I was unaware that I was moving in this direction when creating the pieces.  
     The first abstraction (Abstract with Creepy Tree: Ghost Story) is blue and cold like the starkest winter.  When I originally created the piece I felt the cold, barren, emptiness of the piece like that of a graveyard, a haunting.  Now I see that, and the haunting cold of winter, the eerie way sound travels or fails to travel in the cold and ice are all imbued with the original quality I saw.  Winter can be very eerie, and stark, bare, exposed, piercing, and haunting.  

Saturday, March 12, 2011

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I'm absolutely fascinated to know who's looking at my blog and what you think... I think it's amazing that each and every one of you stopped to look at my work.. Thank you! And lemme know about you, what you think, where you're from, etc... anything.. well almost anything. LOL

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Awesome New Tee!

Newest edition to the "Creepy Tree series'- the Creepy Tree Tee!

Creepy Tree Tee
 Creepy Tree Tee by Kristin Sharpe


I adore this design.  I haven't worked 'intentionally' in a while.  But this image stuck in my head.  To me it has a feeling of being both a little creepy and 'goth' and being kind of wispy and 'Asian'.

Available on- Buy my art

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More from the Creepy Tree

The newest abstraction from the 'Creepy Tree' series! Enjoy!

The fiery warmth of season's change 
overtakes winter's ghostly branches...

Season's Change: Abstract with Creepy Tree II
 Season's Change: Abstract with Creepy Tree II by Kristin Sharpe


Other pieces from this series-

Abstract with Creepy Tree: Ghost Story
 Abstract with Creepy Tree by Kristin Sharpe

Sunbreak Behind a Creepy Tree
 Sunbreak behind a Creepy Tree by Kristin Sharpe

Monday, February 28, 2011

Newest Abstraction!

Another neat-o abstraction!

Stamp Act: Abstraction with Texture
 Abstraction with Texture by Kristin Sharpe


I adore the textures of this piece. And the strong geometry is very appealing.

This piece is an abstraction of Pink Sunset in the Trees II. The frame is actually created by dual tree trunks.  The textured appearance of the red areas are leaves.  And obviously the linear patters in the central panel are tree limbs.

Pink Sunset in the Trees II
 Pink Sunset in the Trees II by Kristin Sharpe


Both pieces are available as cards, prints, and posters at Buy my art

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Lonely Spectral Tree

The original image- 
it started off a lil blurry. But this lonely little tree just always spoke to me...

I knew I wanted to to do something with this... 
so I started fooling around.

You can still see the bottom of the tree trunk.. 
four times and the tree top twice.  Look closely.

I use many methods in creating these pieces-
often times I change the orientation and dimensions of the piece repeatedly throughout the development.  I use a similar method when painting- I rotate the canvas repeatedly and don't definite a bottom/top until the very end.

The 'spectral anomaly' begins to appear...
(I have to other term to describe what this little dot turns into- and I was raised on StarTrek- thus it became a 'spectral anomaly')...

Another dimensional shift...
and technicolor clouds moving in from all directions.  It's easier to repeat things and achieve symmetrical changes using a square format, regardless if it intend to end with a rectangular or square outcome.

Workin' the dot...
and other subtle changes.

The anomaly... 
erupting.  The orange-ish hue is actually a shade of the negative hue to the original blue.


 Spectral Enigma by Kristin Sharpe
Spectral Enigma …

Prints, stickers and t-shirts available at and (once again) thank you too- Buy my art

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Threshold of Change

 Threshold by Kristin Sharpe


   The wind was changing, I knew as I stepped out.  
A well tred path that carried me through my days.  
Seeing only the images in my mind before me, 
I passed blind through the life that surrounded me.  
And then the wind changed, and I looked up.  
The wind changed, and I woke up.  
Looking about me, as for the first time, 
breathing deep like my first breaths. 
I noticed something, and I drew nearer.  
'What thing is this?' I wondered, cautiously moving in.  
It was nothing, but I must look closer.  
I must see what thing it is that draws me.  
Passing off the path, twigs and roots under foot 
crackling softly, almost dreamily, 
like a muted echo in a vast room- 
a ghost of a sound.  
Spindly fingers of branches against my flesh, 
I feel with no sensation. 
As I passed through the drifting mists, 
wrapped around me like many veils, 
I feel a change. 
Moving forward in a dream, 
unable to pause.with feet unmoving, 
I knew I had entered some place unlike my own, 
a world apart from mine 
from which I would never return. 
A journey unknown begun through passage, 
drifting through my mind.
This piece is also viewable on Buy my art

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Pair of New Pieces!

Two pieces- One Tree:  The first an eerie yet comforting, almost nostalgic photograph.  The second a spooky abstract of drifting mists and haunting moments..

Sunbreak Behind a Creepy Tree
 Sunbreak behind a Creepy Tree by Kristin Sharpe


This image was captured from a moving car, using a lens from a pair of broken sunglasses as a filter.  The image is very raw, as reflected by the bit of reflection at the bottom.  But I really like the juxtaposition of the blur and shine of this 'mistake' against the delicate intricacy of the 'creepy tree' branches.  The reflection balances the light of the sun and in balance with the dark negative areas around the bottom edges helps to weigh the image down, to ground it, as it were.  I find this image eerie but not unnatural, almost comforting.


Abstract with Creepy Tree: Ghost Story
 Abstract with Creepy Tree by Kristin Sharpe


This piece reminds me of a ghost story- a lonely girl under a singular tree, mists rising, and darkness creeping in.  The lines (originally powerlines) are entrapping, restricting, unyielding- the finality of the end of the story, the record, the unavoidable, the rose on the grave, or the abandoned sweater on the passenger seat- the proof that she really happened, this wasn't a dream.