Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trees Ablaze: A Tree Within a Tree

 Season's Blaze: 'Abstract' with Creepy Tree III
 Season's Blaze: 'Abstract' with Creepy Tree III by Kristin Sharpe


     I created this piece during the same period that I created the bulk of the 'Creepy Tree series'.  But I forgot about it after I hit 'save'.  I came across it last night, and I think it's particularly fitting considering the new season.  The core pieces of this series are the three abstractions.  These three pieces have a very seasonal feeling to me, though I was unaware that I was moving in this direction when creating the pieces.  
     The first abstraction (Abstract with Creepy Tree: Ghost Story) is blue and cold like the starkest winter.  When I originally created the piece I felt the cold, barren, emptiness of the piece like that of a graveyard, a haunting.  Now I see that, and the haunting cold of winter, the eerie way sound travels or fails to travel in the cold and ice are all imbued with the original quality I saw.  Winter can be very eerie, and stark, bare, exposed, piercing, and haunting.