Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trees Ablaze: A Tree Within a Tree

 Season's Blaze: 'Abstract' with Creepy Tree III
 Season's Blaze: 'Abstract' with Creepy Tree III by Kristin Sharpe


     I created this piece during the same period that I created the bulk of the 'Creepy Tree series'.  But I forgot about it after I hit 'save'.  I came across it last night, and I think it's particularly fitting considering the new season.  The core pieces of this series are the three abstractions.  These three pieces have a very seasonal feeling to me, though I was unaware that I was moving in this direction when creating the pieces.  
     The first abstraction (Abstract with Creepy Tree: Ghost Story) is blue and cold like the starkest winter.  When I originally created the piece I felt the cold, barren, emptiness of the piece like that of a graveyard, a haunting.  Now I see that, and the haunting cold of winter, the eerie way sound travels or fails to travel in the cold and ice are all imbued with the original quality I saw.  Winter can be very eerie, and stark, bare, exposed, piercing, and haunting.  
     The second abstraction (Season's Change: Abstract with Creepy Tree II) was created in the week or two after winter's grip failed.  Around here it literally went from freezing one day to the 80's two days later, and that's what we call spring around here.  Season's Change is a little chaotic but structured, like the weather, like the growth of spring plants.  The reds and oranges of the hot summer sky and blues of winter's lingering patches compete, and eventually merge into the pink and lavender of the branches.  
    Spring didn't last for long around here and we're currently in the hot doldrums of  summer.  I don't think I was prepared to appreciate the third abstraction (Season's Blaze: 'Abstract' with Creepy Tree III) when the weather was still relatively mild.  It's been hot as Hades around here recently, and since I work next to open fire every day, it is literally burning hot. The sky in this piece looks as hot as the air around here feels sometimes.  
     It may be a while before the fall abstraction is created.  It will likely be six months until it really cools off again, I look forward to revisiting this series within a series come autumn. I've never worked much with series, but I've always been obsessed with trees, the winding of both roots and branches, the irregular beauty. So this series just evolved naturally, grew from itself of its own accord.  A seed laid in the cold winter develops to reemerge in spring, only to face the searing blaze of summer... what will fall bring? (We'll just have to wait and see.) 

 Abstract with Creepy Tree by Kristin Sharpe

 Season's Change: Abstract with Creepy Tree II by Kristin Sharpe

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